My patients love Summit! Since I began using Summit in my equine patients, I have seen a marked improvement in their overall performance and soundness. I have used it both intra-articular and intramuscular. While I have seen results from both applications, the results from just the IM injection alone have been impressive. Owners have seen a greater improvement from one dose of Summit than any other IM joint product on the market. I look forward to the future of using this drug not only in my equine patients, but also my personal performance horses.

-Jenna Mollman, DVM


After my father’s recent passing, I decided to continue his legacy and love for racing through our horse Piper. My vet thought she was going to need joint injections before her next race, but because she is so young I looked for other options first. Piper has completed her loading dose of Summit and WON her next race without any injections! Having a little race horse with a lion heart requires she is given the best in every aspect for her performance. This product speaks for itself.

-Tandy Becker


I’ve noticed such a change in Leon since we started him on Summit, especially in his hind end, which was normally stiff. Now he’s actually using it at the canter and he’s jumping straight, when before he would jump and shoot to the right. Thank you for coming out with such an awesome product!

-Beatriz Galindo


I own 3 horses myself and I acquire and sell horses for a living – show horses. A new client horse came to me and there were problems – severe arthritis. We tried several different products but they didn’t work, products like Adequan, Pentosan, Cosequin, Equine Leg Magic supplement. They helped a little. I could never really tell if the horses were getting the Cosequin or not. We also tried different mineral supplements. Britta contacted me and we tried Summit Equine. Its an injectable so you know the horse is getting it. The first thing I noticed was that his warm up time was quicker. Almost immediate improvement in warming up time. 15-20 minutes went down to one minute, after just the first dose. When I got him he was like a crunched up accordion, but now he is stretched out and longer. He needed elasticity, now he is more comfortable, relaxed, which makes him a better performer. I’m already recommending Summit to other professionals. Everyone who is knowledgeable, who understand mechanics of a horse and want a sound horse for as long as possible, those people will be very interested in this product. As a trainer, it is imperative to have something like this. Summit is consistent, reliable, and less money. That’s the best combination. Reliable results. Other things we’ve tried have been hit and miss. Finding something that works consistently has been great.

-Maggie Connolly, Trainer


My 21 year old mare is doing fantastic! I saw a change in the right direction after the first dose. She went from not being able to walk to chasing the bull in the pasture! Her weight has gone back up and she is back to being top mare in the group. So happy that Summit gave me my girl back!

-Susan Strausser


I took my gelding out on our first big outing of the year yesterday. He has had some hock issues for the past 2 ½ years now. Injections helped but didn’t last very long. It was an expensive trip for a very short term outcome. Summit injections have given me my horse back. He’s more fluid in his movements, he is willing to move out, and most importantly he is SOUND. He is currently only on Summit. His last hock injection from a vet was a year ago and he hasn’t had previcox in months. I am so blessed to have found this company!! Keep up the great work! I will definitely be passing your name along to everyone including my vet!! I also hope to start my dog on Summit soon as well.

-Courtney Boruff


I’m a professional trainer and have two personal horses. My jumper was sore, not moving well. After the first injection, I could see a difference, and he was even better after the second dose. I have another mare in training on Summit Equine and I can tell the difference – she’s pushing a lot stronger. On Summit the horses feel less pain and more willing to work. Feel lighter on the hands, more free in the shoulder. It’s very easy to see the results on my horse, it is a night and day difference. The price is better than competitors too, it particularly makes a difference if you have multiple horses. I have been telling everyone about Summit Joint Performance!

-Ramon Arizmendi, Trainer


I could not be any happier with Summit!! My 14 year old OTTB has an old chip in his ankle which was discovered quite late in his career and vet didn’t recommend taking it out. So with that said we were just doing regular joint injections which stopped working after a while and my boy wouldn’t stay sound  anymore. A friend told me to give Summit a try and I will not lie, I didn’t think this would work, but with the money back guarantee I had nothing to lose. In just 4 days after the first IM injection he was back to life feeling better then ever. He has been sound and jumping like he never had before. I am so happy we can still continue our journey in the jumper ring. Thank you so much for making this product!

-Aggie Blasczyk


Summit is one of the most amazing products that I have ever used for my horses and dogs. Summit is the first joint supplement that I have ever been able to really see and feel the difference almost immediately. I have had several great experiences with horses on it including an older broodmare. I had made the dreadful decision to put her down when her foal was weaned. She was very crippled and had not left the stall since the foal was born. After 1 injection she left the stall with her foal, and after the third she is now out in the pasture trotting after her foal. Summit literally saved this mare. I have noticed a tremendous difference in the movement and performance of several of my performance horses. And my old dog now enjoys playing more than just lying around. Myself and my animals are proud and lifetime Summit customers. This amazing product is by far the BEST joint supplement on the market.

-Jeannette Wilson, Trainer


I just want to thank Summit Joint Performance for all that it has done for my horses, especially Winnipuuh, my 15 year old Hanoverian. I’ve been competing at FEI Junior Dressage in Florida over the winter and I am in the process of preparing for Juniors. I have found that with all I ask of my horses, not just in competition but in everyday training, it is important to keep them happy and interested in their work – which starts with helping them feel their best. Since starting my two horses on Summit I have noticed they take less time to warm up, and they start off more supple through their entire body, making it much easier to start our ride where we ended off the previous day. As well, after a long weekend of competition or a clinic, they seem to be less muscle sore, and are able to bounce right back into work after a day or two off. Summit keeps my horses comfortable, supple and limber. This not only keeps them performing well physically, but happily – which to me says everything.

-Ariel Boesener


Since we started all of the horses in our program on Summit about 8 months ago we haven’t had a single horse fail the flexion tests for a pre-purchase exam. I have seen such good results with it that I require all of the horses I lease to remain on Summit for the duration of the lease, and have it written in the contract.”

-Jamie S, Trainer


We put our 23 year old jumper on Summit. Amazing results! He’s been on it for six months and is acting like a spring chicken. We were also able to take him off all other supplements and previcox.

-Monty Bell


I got one dose of Summit to test on our 23 year old Thoroughbred lesson horse. He looks about 15 again, I can’t believe it! We have ordered his next three doses and we will be keeping him on it.

-Jackie G.


Felipe is a different horse on Summit. It’s amazing.

-Suzanne M.


I put my mare, Stella, on Summit because I wanted to have her on a preventative joint supplement to keep her going her best. She was already on a joint supplement but it was very pricey and Summit looked promising. I was pleasantly surprised how Stella felt just two days after the first injection. She was more supple and lighter on her feet. I was not expecting to feel such a difference, and especially not so quickly. The other great thing about Summit was Stella did not have any kind of reaction at the injection site. She is very sensitive to IM injections, so I was a little nervous to try one again. I am very happy with Summit and how it makes Stella feel. I will definitely be keeping her on it.

-Amy G.


Duke jumped on my bed this morning! He is doing things he stopped doing years ago thanks to Summit!

-Laura B.


My horse was imported from Argentina and came funny off of the plane… Plain and simple, he wasn’t right behind and wasn’t jumping near his best. Vets couldn’t figure out what or where to inject. After his loading dose of Summit, he’s sound, comfortable and back to jumping big fences! Thank you Summit, I can finally start showing my boy!!

-Ashley C


Summit Equine gave us back our horse! We have a 16yr old Quarter horse gelding that belongs to a client and has very bad arthritis and a fused hock. They have had him on Cosequin ASU for about a year with no improvement. After hearing about Summit from my veterinarian, I decided to give it a try and see if we could get him some relief. Forty-eight hours after the first loading dose, we noticed a difference in movement. After finishing the fourth loading dose, he is moving better than he has in over a year! We are now starting him on the monthly injections. I have also started two other horses on it with noticeable improvement.

-Jeremy S.


I will not compete without it! My approach to horse management has always been to treat my competition horses at elite athletes. Daily training varies from pushing to the limit to days of stretching and gymnastics with body building as the goal. Dressage takes technique but feeling the horse under saddle and attending to their needs is vital. I have found that since using Summit there is a significant increase of overall lean muscle mass in all 3 of my horses. The focus as the rider has gone to frequently feeling what is right instead of experiencing my horses struggles. We have been able to elevate the level of training because they are more comfortable. They are willing to train longer and therefore develop more muscle and stamina. They are happy to work with bright eyes in their stalls with the only management change being the use of Summit. An additional benefit has been that because they have more muscles surrounding their joints, we have experienced fewer tendon and joint injuries. I can say that when you see results in three out of three horses, the product speaks for itself. I wish Summit for every horse and a happy horse for every rider.

-Deborah H.


We currently have our two mares on Summit Equine and they are in their second month of treatment. We have owned one of them for close to six years and I have tried several supplements and treatments for her. I have seen a huge difference in her flexibility, movements and mood since putting her on Summit. I believe in prevention for our horses so that they may perform at their best, and prolong their joint health. What really surprised me is how well they warm up and how fluent their gates are since starting. Mango and Lily are happy mares and much more in sync with their rider. Compared to many other products out there the price is also amazing!

-Elizabeth M.


We recently had a horse imported, who arrived with limited mobility in his hindquarters. He was reluctant to go forward on the flat, and seemed unhappy to be ridden. We have since begun giving inter-muscular shots of Summit Equine and have seen major improvements. Now he is not only happy to go forward, but is also packing me around 1.30 meter courses with room to spare. His demeanor is now that of a happy horse, ready to work. I would highly recommend this product to others in the sport.

-Gaston E.


I have an older mare, her name is Dream, her coffin joint has arthritis and some navicular in the right front and arthritis in the ankles. She used to jump competitively, but recently was just wanting to lay down and not get up and walk around. When my vet began discussing putting my horse down, she recommended trying Summit Equine. Up until then we managed her pain with Banamine and Previcox. She would be comfortable for a day and then would not socialize, not eat, not do much of anything. So those painkillers were just offering temporary relief, usually just for a day or so. The first week on Summit Equine was a little slow, and my vet did a few consecutive injections of Summit. But by the second week, I noticed a huge difference. She started chasing everyone away from her food. She was acting back to normal.  Now on the maintenance regimen she can move around, walk to her food, go out to the pasture. She walks and chases with other horses, she even bucked the other day… I have not seen her buck in six months! I don’t have to put my horse to sleep! She’s ambulating, seems more comfortable, will lay down and roll. She is happy and doesn’t seem to be in pain. She has a better quality of life and now I feel like she has a few more years in her. I highly recommend Summit Equine to anyone who has a horse, because it is amazing, I didn’t have to put my horse to sleep! Even for younger horses it would be great because then the horses will get to work longer, which they love to do. My mare, Dream, had one foot in the grave, and Summit Equine pulled her out! She was pretty far gone, and now she can have a decent retirement rather than one that is full of pain or is cut short.

-Susan W.


My 11 year old Mastiff, Guido, was on his last year at best. He was steadily declining in his mobility. We’d have to force him to get up in the morning to go to the bathroom, and then he would stay lying down all day long. Guido got his first injection of Summit Canine at 11pm. At 7am, he hopped off his dog bed and trotted out the front door. He trots around now instead of just lying around. He’s actually going on walks. It really works quickly. For a customer, you see the results fast. You don’t have to wait a month to see it work. It’s much more affordable than other drugs and it actually works, not just masks the condition. Previcox is really expensive and Summit has no side effects. There isn’t any GI bleeding like with Previcox or long-term steroids.  We’re using it on our horses now too. I’ve never seen a lot of improvement with Adequan. This actually gets in and relieves the swelling. You can see a difference. We saw a noticeable difference in 48 hours on the loading dose. The difference with Summit is what I personally see, that it actually does work.

-Devin D.