My patients love Summit! Since I began using Summit in my equine patients, I have seen a marked improvement in their overall performance and soundness. I have used it both intra-artiuclar and intramuscular. While I have seen results from both applications, the results from just the IM injection alone have been impressive. Owners have seen a greater improvement from one dose of Summit than any other IM joint product on the market. I look forward to the future of using this drug not only in my equine patients, but also my personal performance horses.Jenna MollmanDVM
I own 3 horses myself and I acquire and sell horses for a living – show horses. A new client horse came to me and there were problems – severe arthritis. We tried several different products but they only helped a little, products like Adequan, Pentosan, Cosequin, Equine Leg Magic supplement. I could never really tell if the horses were getting the Cosequin or not. We also tried different mineral supplements. Summit Equine is an injectible so you know the horse is getting it. The first thing I noticed with Summit was that his warm up time was quicker. 15-20 minutes went down to one minute, after just the first dose. When I got him he was like a crunched up accordion, but now he is stretched out and longer. Now he is more comfortable, relaxed, which makes him a better performer. I’m already recommending Summit to other professionals. Everyone who is knowledgeable, who understand the mechanics of a horse and want a sound horse for as long as possible, those people will be very interested in this product. As a trainer, it is imperative to have something like this. Summit is consistent, reliable, and less money. That’s the best combination. Finding something that works consistently has been great.Maggie C.
My 11 year old Mastiff, Guido, was on his last year at best. He was steadily declining in his mobility. We’d have to force him to get up in the morning to go to the bathroom, and then he would stay lying down all day long. Guido got his first injection of Summit Canine at 11pm. At 7am, he hopped off his dog bed and trotted out the front door. He trots around now instead of just lying around. He’s actually going on walks. It really works quickly. For a customer, you see the results fast. You don’t have to wait a month to see it work. It’s much more affordable than other drugs and it actually works. It doesn’t just masks the condition. And Summit has no side effects. There isn’t any GI bleeding like with Previcox or long-term steroids and Previcox is really expensive.  We’re using Summit on our horses now too. I’ve never seen a lot of improvement with Adequan. This actually gets in and relieves the swelling. The difference with Summit is what I personally see – that it actually does work.Devin D.
Summit Equine gave us back our horse! We have a 16yr old Quarter horse gelding that belongs to a client and has very bad arthritis and a fused hock. They have had him on Cosequin ASU for about a year with no improvement. After hearing about Summit from my veterinarian, I decided to give it a try and see if we could get him some relief. Forty-eight hours after the first loading dose, we noticed a difference in movement. After finishing the fourth loading dose, he is moving better than he has in over a year! I have also started two other horses on it with noticeable improvement.Jeremy S.
We currently have our two mares on Summit Equine and they are in their second month of treatment. We have owned one of them for close to six years and I have tried several supplements and treatments for her. I have seen a huge difference in her flexibility, movements and mood since putting her on Summit. What really surprised me is how well they warm up and how fluent their gaits are now. Compared to many other products out there the price is also amazing!Belle and Elizabeth M.
Our dog, Ultra, has a partially torn cruciate ligament and hip arthritis. She’s not as mobile as she used to be. She couldn’t jump up on the couch or get up off the floor. We’d tried the anti-inflammatory Carperfin and the painkiller Previcox, neither made a huge difference. We gave her the first dose of Summit Canine and within 24 hours she was more comfortable and up moving around. By day 2 she could jump back up on the couch. By the third day she could run around the farm like she used to do. Three days and she was back to her usual activity level. We gave her a weekly treatment for the first 4 weeks and now a monthly maintenance dose. It really targets the inflammation of the joint itself. Pain meds target pain receptors and how the body perceives pain but Summit fixes the joint itself. Once you fix the joint, the pain and inflammation go away. So it treats the root issue, not the symptoms. We’re so excited and happy to see that she is comfortable, Summit has added life back in to her step. She’s happier and runs around like she used to. She reminds me of when we first got her years ago, you can see she really enjoys the activity, running around the farm.Heather FarmerDVM
I will not compete without it! My approach to horse management has always been to treat my competition horses at elite athletes. Daily training varies from pushing to the limit to days of stretching and gymnastics with body building as the goal. Dressage takes technique but feeling the horse under saddle and attending to their needs is vital. I have found that since using Summit there is a significant increase of overall lean muscle mass in all 3 of my horses. We have been able to elevate the level of training because they are more comfortable. They are willing to train longer and therefore develop more muscle and stamina. They are happy to work with bright eyes with the only management change being the use of Summit. An additional benefit has been that because they have more muscles surrounding their joints, we have experienced fewer tendon and joint injuries. I can say that when you see results in three out of three horses, the product speaks for itself. I wish Summit for every horse and a happy horse for every rider.Deborah H.
We recently had a horse imported, who arrived with limited mobility in his hindquarters. He was reluctant to go forward on the flat, and seemed unhappy to be ridden. We have since begun giving inter-muscular shots of Summit Equine and have seen major improvements. Now he is not only happy to go forward, but is also packing me around 1.30 meter courses with room to spare. His demeanor is now that of a happy horse, ready to work. I would highly recommend this product to others in the sport.Ashley C.
Summit has literally taken my mares 1 foot OUT of the grave. I had called my vet to discuss euthanizing her. She was so uncomfortable that she was no longer social, interested in food, and would stand in one spot unless you would grab and drag her somewhere. She has navicular, arthritis in both ankles with fusing. Summit was suggested as a last stitch effort and turned out to be life saving. After the first 2 weeks on Summit, she did a 180. 4 weeks later I have seen her gallop down my 600 foot easement for the first time in 6 months! There were no side effects and I would definitely recommend it to anyone look for something to give them their horse back!Susan W.
I have an 18 year old who is coming back to the FEI ring. She’s had 7 years off. I took her to the vet to have a work up to see about helping her feel better joint wise. She had OS and joints were too narrow to allow for any HA. Best we could do was steroids to help with the inflammation. I tried a month of Adequan with no improvement. I also tried Cosaquin ASU Plus to no improvement either. At that point I was not sure if I would be able to take her back in the FEI arena ever again. She was trying so hard but I could tell she was just not comfortable. I got hooked up with the Summit product and within two does I had a very different horse. She was much more animated in her movement. She had previously had issues with the tempi changes after the canter pirouettes and that went away…thankfully just in time for our first PSG in 7 years and she nailed the tempis! I was so happy with the product I just put my young horse who suffered a “career ending stifle injury” on it. I had done IRAP therapy on her earlier in the year and she was coming back to work. But Summit has totally taken her over the top in feeling good. She is moving more supple and uphill than she ever has. I’m looking at taking her back in the show ring at 3rd level next month.Tracy S.