Roberto Teran Tafur


Blue Movie and all my other top horses are on Summit, it’s helping them a lot. It makes them feel
better throughout their bodies. She puts so much effort in every time they jump, it puts a lot of strain on
everything, her muscles, ligaments and joints, and its certainly given some relief for that. You know, a
little inflammation decrease always makes them feel better, so yeah, she’s feeling really good at the
moment, probably the best she ever has.
-Rowan Willis, Australia & UK, Grand Prix Showjumper


Our new secret weapon is Summit Joint Performance. Since we’ve started using Summit on our horses they’ve all been feeling great. The horses have been performing in top shape.
-Sharn Wordley, New Zealand, Olympic Showjumper


We started using Summit Joint Performance on all of our horses at Castlewood Farm halfway through WEF this season and noticed a huge improvement immediately! I’d recommend this product to anyone on the competitive circuits!                                  -Tanner Korotkin, USA, Grand Prix Showjumper


Summit is one of the best supplements we’ve ever given our horses. We have taken our horses off of all
other joint supplements because of the difference we are seeing. We had a few that were sensitive to
different footings, but since they’ve been on Summit they are a lot more comfortable overall. It’s a
really special product. My Grand Prix horses, my wife’s horses and my daughter’s horse are all using
-Gianni Gabrielli, Argentina, Grand Prix Showjumper


A good friend of mine introduced me to Summit. My vet and barn teammates were all included in the
decision to switch our Grand Prix horses over to Summit. All of us were very happy with the speedy
and dramatic results. Within days, we noticed our horses were more supple and sound from the get-go.
We have taken our horses off all other joint supplements and would highly recommend this product to
other riders.
-Alexis Trosch, Argentina, Grand Prix Showjumper


I was hesitant to try a new product, but we saw immediate results in our horse’s comfort within 48 to 72
hours of injecting Summit. I felt my horse’s movement change while warming up, this caught my full
attention. From the start of my warm-up horses that had a tendency to start stiff now had much more
range of motion. Some of the small and chronic pains seemed to suddenly disappear. I currently have
all of my Grand Prix horses on Summit Joint Performance. In our sport, we put a lot of wear and tear
on the horse’s body. I feel like I am ahead of the game thanks to Summit.
-Paulo Santana, Brazil, Grand Prix Showjumper
Marilyn Little riding Clearwater