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Summit Equine gave us back our horse! We have a 16yr old Quarter horse gelding that belongs to a client and has very bad arthritis and a fused hock. They have had him on Cosequin ASU for about a year with no improvement. After hearing about Summit from my veterinarian, I decided to give it a try and see if we could get him some relief. Forty-eight hours after the first loading dose, we noticed a difference in movement. After finishing the fourth loading dose, he is moving better than he has in over a year! We are now starting him on the monthly injections. I have also started two other horses on it with noticeable improvement.


We currently have our two mares on Summit Equine and they are in their second month of treatment. We have owned one of them for close to six years and I have tried several supplements and treatments for her. I have seen a huge difference in her flexibility, movements and mood since putting her on Summit. I believe in prevention for our horses so that they may perform at their best, and prolong their joint health. What really surprised me is how well they warm up and how fluent their gates are since starting. Mango and Lily are happy mares and much more in sync with their rider. Compared to many other products out there the price is also amazing!


We recently had a horse imported, who arrived with limited mobility in his hindquarters. He was reluctant to go forward on the flat, and seemed unhappy to be ridden. We have since begun giving inter-muscular shots of Summit Equine and have seen major improvements. Now he is not only happy to go forward, but is also packing me around 1.30 meter courses with room to spare. His demeanor is now that of a happy horse, ready to work. I would highly recommend this product to others in the sport.


I have an older mare, her name is Dream, her coffin joint has arthritis and some navicular in the right front and arthritis in the ankles. She used to jump competitively, but recently was just wanting to lay down and not get up and walk around. When my vet began discussing putting my horse down, she recommended trying Summit Equine. Up until then we managed her pain with Banamine and Previcox. She would be comfortable for a day and then would not socialize, not eat, not do much of anything. So those painkillers were just offering temporary relief, usually just for a day or so. The first week on Summit Equine was a little slow, and my vet did a few consecutive injections of Summit. But by the second week, I noticed a huge difference. She started chasing everyone away from her food.


My 11 year old Mastiff, Guido, was on his last year at best. He was steadily declining in his mobility. We’d have to force him to get up in the morning to go to the bathroom, and then he would stay lying down all day long. Guido got his first injection of Summit Canine at 11pm. At 7am, he hopped off his dog bed and trotted out the front door. He trots around now instead of just lying around. He’s actually going on walks. It really works quickly. For a customer, you see the results fast. You don’t have to wait a month to see it work. It’s much more affordable than other drugs and it actually works, not just masks the condition. Previcox is really expensive and Summit has no side effects. There isn’t any GI bleeding like with Previcox or long-term steroids. We’re using it on our horses now too. I’ve never seen a lot of improvement with Adequan. This actually gets in and relieves the swelling. You can see a difference. We saw a noticeable difference in 48 hours on the loading dose. The difference with Summit is what I personally see, that it actually does work.