Money Back Guarantee / Return Policy


Summit Joint Performance offers a Money Back Guarantee (receive a refund on returned unused vials plus the initial vial).

If for any reason, you wish to return our product we will refund your money as follows: If, for example, you receive a loading dose (4 vials) and after the first dose you do not think that Summit has helped your animal, then send us an email at We will send you a reply email with a return authorization and shipping label to print. Return the remaining THREE vials of the loading dose at our expense, and we will refund you for the cost of the 4 vials within two business days after receipt of the unused doses. If you use more than one vial, you will be refunded only for those vials you are returning plus the initial vial. In other words, if you return two, we will refund you for three or if you return one, we will refund you for two.

Just remember, even if you don’t see a dramatic change after the first dose, Summit is still preventing future joint damage and keeping your animal healthier.