Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the injection protocol for the loading dose of Summit Equine/Canine?

A. Give one IM (intra-muscular) shot every 7 days for 4 weeks. After the loading dose, most horses and dogs will be able to switch to a once-per-month dosing schedule.  High performance horses in heavy competition can benefit from using Summit more often. Many of the top level horses on a Summit regimen use it once or twice a week. 

Q. How often should I give Summit?

A. We recommend giving Summit once monthly UNLESS the horse is in constant competition (think WEF or FEI level work) then it can be given more often.  Many of the international level riders are giving it on a weekly basis but this is not necessary for a normal show horse.

Q. Are there any side effects?

A. There have been no major side effects associated or reported with our compound.  It has not however been tested sufficiently in pregnant animals.

Q. My horse has a chip in a joint, will Summit help?

A. Unfortunately, there is nothing that will cure a chip without surgery.  Summit will decrease the associated pain from inflammation but will not fix the root cause of the pain.

Q. Why is Summit Joint Performance so much more reasonably priced than other joint products on the market?

A. We have made a conscious decision to try and help as many animals to feel better as we possibly can.  Many people cannot afford the other more expensive supplements.  We would rather keep our price low and help more animals than make it expensive and help fewer.

Q. Are Summit products made in the US?

A. Proudly, they are!

Q. Is it safe to give my pregnant mare?

A. While we haven’t done testing on pregnant animals, there are no contraindications for pregnancy or any other conditions.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. Due to Florida law we are not allowed to accept returns on injectables.  On all other products we will gladly accept returns on unused products with a $5.00 restocking fee.

Q. Do I administer the whole vial?

A. Yes. Each vial is a single dose. To ensure sterility we never make multi-dose vials.